Why Elektrifi?

Most ESCOs today do not provide an upgrade pathway for users with growing energy needs.

Elektrifi's upgrade plan makes it easier for ESCOs to start with few lights and phone charging, and upgrade all the way to TVs and refrigerators.

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Equipment has to be rated at peak demand. This leads to high initial CapEx.

With Elektrifi's grid intelligence, energy sources can be rated at a fraction of the peak demand which reduces upfront cost. Techniques such as intelligent battery charging, load management, weather forecasting etc. can be deployed for effectively managing resources.

Without monitoring and control, systems fail soon after installation. ESCOs lose revenue and customers lose faith in the system.

Elektrifi's global communication and computing platform connects all microgrid assets enabling remote monitoring and control leading to lower system failure and reduced maintenance.

Most systems have centralized control architecture with intelligence situated only in the cloud. The data charges can be expensive, and in areas with poor connectivity, the systems become unreliable.

Elektrifi's end devices have processing capabilities that process critical data locally and minimize data charges. Critical decisions are made by the end devices ensuring the system remains stable even during loss of connectivity.

Current customer complaint redressal systems are complex and takes a long time to handle maintenance and repair requests.

Elektrifi's GridBox gives end users easy to understand error codes with easy to do repair procedures. This coupled with automatic error logging and technician deployment ensures faster repair times.