Increasing reliability of energy access solutions.

Clear upgrade pathway.

Grid Intelligence.

Elektrifi is a technology provider for ESCOs and electric utilities worldwide, targeting areas with no electricity access or unreliable electricity service using mini or microgrids.

Energy Management Hardware

Integrate energy sources, loads, batteries with communication and computing systems for energy metering, monitoring, and remote control.


Global cellular connectivity enables data and remote access of your electricity grid.

Cloud Platform

Elektrifi's cloud platform allows you to provision your devices, monitor & manage your fleet, and deploy custom applications.

Grid Intelligence

Intelligent algorithms at the device and cloud increases reliability of your electricity grid.


Elektrifi integrates payment solutions for hassle free plans for your customers.

Making grid operation and maintenance easy for ESCOs

Easy upgrade pathway
Start with a beginner kit and upgrade to power more loads by adding sources and storage in plug-n-play fashion.
Operator and Developer Friendly
Intuitive dashboard and well documented APIs make it easy for developers and operators to manage the electricity grid and write custom energy management applications.
Fully Managed
Elektrifi energy management hardware and software helps provide reliable management of your electricity grid - from operation, maintenance to advanced optimization.
Elektrifi's intelligence provides information and energy security. Local and cloud-based energy management helps reduce blackouts. End-to-end encryption and firewalls enhance information security.