How to Elektrifi?

From design to operation and maintenance, Elektrifi's technology will help you streamline operation.

Whether you're an ESCO or an individual, Elektrifi's scalable solutions will help solve your energy needs.

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Step 1:

Choose an Elektrifi bundle.

Step 2:

Size your electrical equipment and integrate it with Elektrifi GridBox.

Step 3:

Setup your account on Elektrifi cloud platform and onboard your customers.

Step 4:

Install energy hardware with one MagicBox at each home.


Step 1:

Monitor and manage your fleet remotely

Step 2:

Provision the MagicBox

Step 3:

Users pay an upfront cost, sign up for a PAYG plan and get timely alerts when they are about to run out of credits.

Step 4:

Easy deployment of grid applications for source, demand, and battery management.

Maintenance & Upgrade

Local intelligence helps reduce maintenance issues

In case of issues, simple error codes for users, and auto notification to operator.

Deploy and manage field team

Easy upgrade pathway